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Exit Strategy - Diamond Fingerprinting

All diamonds are pure carbon, but minute impurities in each stone identify the mine and the host rock they are extracted from.  This is their “fingerprint.” Until recently, specialized equipment did not exist to detect these impurities.  Now experts can inventory these “fingerprints” and match them to a mine with the same chemical composition.  This can provide a diamond’s provenance, aid in proving theft, and enable recovery of stolen diamonds.
As you can imagine, security at diamond mines is extremely high.  Despite that, criminals have infiltrated mines and found creative ways to steal diamonds, such as swallowing them, hiding them on their bodies, lobbing diamond-filled tennis balls over fences, and even flying them out on homing pigeons!

An inventory of fingerprints from every mine in the world would also allow verification of the diamond’s source and legitimacy. Or, in the case of Exit Strategy, allow it to be traced back to the scene of the crime.

How can a fraud investigator expose a diamond laundering scheme? Find out in Exit Strategy - book one in the Katerina Carter fraud investigator suspense series.