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Color of Money Mystery Series

The Katerina Carter Color of Money Cozy Mystery series show Kat's lighter side outside of work and her fraud private investigation business. Even at play, crime still has a way of finding her. More installments in the series coming soon!

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Red Handed  - Color of Money #1

When Katerina Carter and boyfriend Jace Burton accept an impromptu party invitation, crime is the last thing on their minds. Then a winning wine investment leaves a sour taste in Kat’s mouth and she uncovers a million-dollar fraud, all before dinner!


Ebook 9780987883582

Blue Moon - Color of Money #2

Katerina Carter’s plans for a fancy dinner with boyfriend Jace go awry when she discovers that her elderly neighbor Fiona has taken an ex-con into her home as a boarder. Fiona’s volunteer gardening program at the local prison has changed lives, but extending her generosity further just might put her own life in jeopardy.

Kat’s suspicion deepens when she learns of a recent life insurance policy. And accidental death pays double.


Ebook 9780987883599

Green Wash - Color of Money #3

Forensic accountant Katerina Carter and boyfriend Jace Burton embark on a weekend getaway at a luxury mountaintop lodge. While he writes a billionaire environmentalist’s biography, she explores the snowy wilderness.
It’s just before Christmas, Kat’s in between cases and enjoying the winter wonderland when two local protestors die under mysterious circumstances. Kat and Jace must race against time to uncover the truth and save themselves from an even deadlier disaster.

If you like cozy mysteries spiked with spine tingling suspense, don’t miss Greenwash, a heart-stopping adventure!


Ebook 9780994846204