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Never Look Away - Linwood Barclay

I miss summer already, but one nice thing about autumn is that it gives us more time to read.  And there's nothing like a good thriller to make you glad you're inside--and behind locked doors. 

Linwood Barclay's Never Look Away is a taut, suspenseful page-turner with multiple plots and twists.  Jan and David Harwood live in the small town of Promise Falls, where life is pretty much predictable. Just the perfect time & place for David's life to turn upside down when Jan suddenly disappears. Many twists and turns will keep you flipping the pages, and I guarantee you will not guess the ending.  It will definitely keep you up past your bedtime too!

This is the first Linwood Barclay book I have read.  I'm putting the rest on my to-read list. Loved it!

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