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Exit Strategy Settings - Argentina

Igauzu Falls, Argentina

I love Argentina, and South America in general.  That's why I chose it as one of the settings for Exit Strategy.

Here's a view of the amazing Iguazu Falls, which form part of the border between Argentina and Brazil. It is second only to Niagara Falls for the greatest annual water flow, which explains why one of the world's largest dams is located nearby. You wouldn't want to paddle too close to this part - known as Devil's Throat.  This just might be where Vicente Sastre disappeared, though Iguazu doesn't give up its secrets easily.

Nearby is Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, where Ortega takes care of business.  It's at the center of the Triple Border area, a notorious global hot spot for organized crime, contraband, terrorists and spies. 

We visited the falls from both the Argentine and Brazil sides - it is truly amazing and one of the natural wonders of the world.  The butterflies are fancy and even have lucky numbers (see the 88 on the wings below).  This butterfly just stayed on our friend's hand for at least twenty minutes as she walked along the trails. A free ride I guess!