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The Finish Line

I love to run and travel. Whenever possible I try to combine the two by running a destination marathon. There’s something exciting about arriving in a strange city, not knowing exactly where the twenty six mile course will lead, or how things will turn out.  My latest marathon was lucky thirteen, and it coincided with the release of my debut thriller, Exit Strategy. 

Like most marathons, this one starts early. It’s cold and dark as we huddle at the start line, waiting for the gun. The race begins and we run on the frost-covered road, still devoid of cars or other people, as the surrounding neighborhoods slowly wake up. I don’t know where I’m going, but the crisp morning air holds promise and I’m full of energy.

Sometime later, maybe at twenty or twenty-two or twenty-four miles, I waver. My legs stiffen, my feet burn, and my willpower wanes.  I want to stop, unlace my shoes and forget about this race. I want to join the people standing on the side of the road with their steaming coffees and warm, dry clothing.   

Then I remember: writing a book feels this way to me, too. Ideas come in a rush, screaming to be put down on paper. It’s steady progress for awhile, until everything falls apart. Then I pick up the pieces and rebuild, and do whatever it takes to get to the finish line.  It’s always worthwhile.

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