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Rare Sighting

This post isn't about fraud or writing. Instead, it's about something else that's special.

We've had some rare sightings in the Lower Mainland recently.  No, I'm not talking a celebrity sighting on Vancouver's Robson Street. No, this is far more special: Snowy Owls!

These large (60 cm/24 inches) arctic owls rarely venture this far south, unless in search of food. This year, dozens and dozens of Snowy Owls have been hanging out here at Boundary Bay. I'm sure the eagles are less than happy about that!

Apparently the owls eat lemmings up north, and head south when there's not enough to eat. Either the lemmings are gone, or there's just too much snow.  Down here they'll just have to settle for mice.

That got me thinking - where did all the lemmings go? According to Wikipedia, lemming mass suicide is a myth.  Their population numbers follow a boom and bust cycle, and any mass exodus is probably related to food shortages. In turn, their predators, the Snowy Owls visit us.

This is the first time in about six years they've come this far south.  It's a cycle that repeats itself every four years or so.  I wonder if they feel like they're on vacation?