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McBarge + McDonalds = McHappy

I'm sooo excited! I've just learned that my favorite floating restaurant is about to be resurrected!  If you've read my book, Exit Strategy, you'll be familiar with the McBarge. Back in the days of Vancouver's Expo '86 World's Fair, it housed a floating McDonalds restaurant. The McBarge is also one of the settings for Exit Strategy.

What happens on the McBarge? You'll have to read Exit Strategy to find out.  All I can say is that Kat gets more than she bargained for.

Why is the McBarge moving? The current owner has approval to re-open it as a floating restaurant in Mission, B.C.  Right now it is moored in Burrard Inlet, in Burnaby, a Vancouver suburb. It has sat there for decades, and it will be nice to see it in use again.

Relocating it to Mission means that it will likely be towed out to sea, where it will follow the coast to the mouth of the Fraser River.  Then it will head up the river to Mission, which is about an hour's drive from Vancouver.

I live near the Fraser River in Greater Vancouver, and I'll be watching and waiting for the McBarge to float by. I have fond memories of Expo '86, and my visits there always included a trip to the McBarge for a Filet-O-Fish and a milkshake. I'll be the first in line when the McBarge arrives at its new home in Mission on the Fraser River.  I'd like a window seat and the fish 'n chips, please.