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Game Theory - Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller #2

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My latest book, Game Theory, is #2 in the Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller Series.  Read on for more:

Katerina Carter's billionaire client has more than a nasty divorce on his hands. Zachary Barron's
currency hedge fund, Edgewater Investments, is in financial freefall, somehow connected to the World Institute, a shadowy organization of the world’s rich and powerful.

Soon Kat discovers a chilling agenda: one global currency, one world government and world army. Just the environment big business needs to operate with impunity—no tripping over borders, bureaucracy or laws. With her reputation on the line and lives at risk, she must decide—is the truth worth fighting for at any cost?

Game Theory uncovers how the world really works, with wealth, freedom and power concentrated in the hands of a few. In this zero sum game, an ever-smaller pool of winners gain from the suffering of others, leaving the masses to fight over the crumbs remaining. And the players will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Praise for Game Theory

“If you like a good conspiracy theory, you'll LOVE Colleen Cross' financial thriller, Game Theory. Was the economic crisis created? Is the news we are fed designed to mold our opinions and actions? Are we all just pawns in someone else's game? You'll begin to wonder after reading Game Theory. Thought provoking and wonderfully entertaining!”
—Karen Cantwell, author of the Barbara Marr mysteries

“Another gripping page-turner from Colleen Cross. Suspense-charged to provide one plot twist after another, this credible tale of global fraud and currency domination draws you in and never lets go. An intelligent and exciting read!"
—Sandra Nikolai, author of False Impressions