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How to Spot a Ponzi Scheme / Cómo detectar un esquema ponzi

It's been quite a few years since Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme collapsed.  We are probably overdue for another one. In some ways, these scams are like natural disasters in that you never know when once is likely to happen.

Most people tend to set and forget their investments. After all, an investment is something that you tend to set and forget until some day in the distant future. I can't imagine how terrible it must have been for Madoff's investors to discover that their investment was gone. Many people and charities were duped, and often they lost their entire investment.
English Edition

Tips on how to spot a Ponzi scheme:

1. Unusually high returns with little or no risk
2. Consistent Returns over Long Periods
3. Significant return in a short period of time
4. Time Limited or Sense of Urgency
5. Unregistered Investments
6. Unlicensed Sellers
7. Complex Strategies
8. Foreign-based
9. Issues with Paperwork
10. Difficulty Getting Payment
11. Exclusivity
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Edición española

Cómo detectar un esquema ponzi

1. Rendimiento inusualmente alto con poco o ningún riesgo
2. Un rendimiento consistente durante un largo período de tiempo
3. Rendimiento significativo en un corto período de tiempo
4. Tiempo limitado o sensación de urgencia
5. Inversiones no registradas
6. Vendedores sin licencia
7. Estrategias complejas
8. El extranjero
9. Secretismo
10. Problemas con el papeleo
11. Dificultad a la hora de cobrar

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