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A Must-Read

It must be November because the wind and rain have arrived here in Vancouver with a vengeance this last week.  One big benefit of stormy weather is that it gives me more time to read great books!   

The Angel and the Brown-Eyed Boy is a must-read. The well-drawn characters immediately drew me in, and the vivid descriptions and non-stop action further immersed me in the story.

On one level this is an entertaining escape to a fantasy world.  It's Earth, many years in the future. On the surface, life goes smoothly. There are no more wars, and everyone is taken care of. That is, as long as you don't question authority and believe everything you are told. 
Jeremy and Eliana are from very different worlds. His future-Earth, and her distant utopia may be more similar than they first appear. When a nuclear holocaust approaches, each discovers that the truth may be very different from what they've been told.  They face difficult choices--will they be the right ones?

This is an original and captivating story, and author Sandy Nathan's vivid details will transport you into this intriguing world. I loved this book and can't wait to read the next book in the series.
Here's a link to the book on Amazon if you want to find out more: